Buddha Maitreya Hall

Considered the Budha of the future, Buddha Maitreya represents the ideal of a society founded on love and is a source of inspiration for us. We want to honor him by dedicating the Buddha Maitreya Hall, a space where we promote meetings and academic, intercultural and spiritual programs.

For more than 25 years, Pneuma Institute has been promoting international intercultural encounter and ecumenical dialogue with the Tibetan monks, the members of the Q’eros community and other spiritual traditions of the planet. We think that human spirituality has been expressed in different ways in the various traditions of the world. We encourage dialogue, collaboration and testimonies from different cultures to promote unity in diversity.

Our project includes the construction of a large conference room with a capacity for 400 attendees, along with a dining room, a library, bedrooms and retreat rooms for individual and group meditation.

It is our wish that the facilities are at the service of children, adolescents, young people and their parents too so that they can learn about relaxation and meditation practices and enjoy the benefits of these wonderful activities that open us to the knowledge of a new dimension of human and spiritual life.


May your hearts agree! May your spirits agree, so that there may be a perfect harmony among you.

Rig Veda, X