There are numerous problems to solve and many projects that must be developed and finished.

The Buddha Maitreya Project emphasizes the education of children and young monks, but in addition to this, the construction of study and prayer rooms, school supplies, the improvement and maintenance of the library and of the sanitary facilities and the construction of new dormitories. Above all, there is the question of the daily feeding of 1400 monks.

In addition to the World Tour for Inner Peace, every year we organize fundraising events to improve educational resources. The monks survive thanks to donations and sponsorships for their education. Each monk needs $150 per year for his upkeep and study material. This is just $12.50 per month.

You can support the Buddha Maitreya Project by sponsoring a monk, collaborating with the coordination for the World Tour for Inner Peace or by donating to the special events to spread the knowledge of Tibetan culture and its tradition.

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