We live in a crucial moment in the history of humanity in which many values have been forgotten and virtues are being inexorably extinguished.

For this reason, it is imperative that new schools, institutes and universities emerge to teach a conscious, unique and revolutionary way of thinking that can generate a radical change in the human being.

It is also especially necessary to preserve the education of certain ancient cultures, such as Tibetan Buddhism whose traditions serve the purpose of teaching the inherent wisdom of the heart. This type of culture continues to presently exist but runs the risk of dying out if not cared for, resulting in the teachings losing their transcendental wisdom.

Pneuma Institute, formerly Inkarri Cultural Association, has been working with the Tibetan people and the Buddhist monasteries in India for over 25 years with the aim of keeping their millenary culture and spirituality alive.

Buddha Maitreya Project: maitreya@pneumainstitute.org | Pneuma Institute: global@pneumainstitute.org

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